This website is dedicated to the cultivation and growing of tobacco. Here you will learn how to grow tobacco using the most tried and true methods.

This website covers seed selection, caring for seedlings, transporting the plants to the proper location, maintaining proper health by preventing diseases, and also controlling pests that harm the plants!

If you want to grow tobacco at home, it you might need to carefully consider whether or not you have the proper capacity to do so. Tobacco growing season is not available in all climates so location matters. Growing tobacco in pots can be difficult, but if you know how to make tobacco for smoking, then you may already be a season professional.

The tobacco farming process and fermenting tobacco all require the proper skill and practice. You will need to know how to cure and dry tobacco.

The following guide should be followed closely. Make sure to buy the correct products when looking to start your own grow operation.

Good luck!

Transplanting seedlings into Pot.